Saturday, November 16, 2013

Republican Celebration

Ron Radosh reports Republicans are feeling pretty good at the moment.  One pundit, Michael Barone, even compared the current environment to that of the Fall of France in 1944.

These Republicans need to get real.  If Obamacare's failures were such a winning issue, why didn't Republicans use them to beat the Democrats back when the bill was being debated in 2009?  Did they not understand the bill's weaknesses? If they did, why didn't they make them the focal point of every speech, every media interview, and every campaign ad in 2010 and 2012?

Yes there's an opportunity here. But Republicans need to get serious about governing and start proposing some real alternatives (sorry, interstate insurance plans aren't going to cut it), or they're going to blow it again.

For starters, why aren't Republicans out front and center asking why the President and Harry Reid chose to shut down the government?  Plenty of people in Washington warned Obamacare was headed for a train wreck, long before the shut down occurred.  Republicans had the right policy.  Why aren't they making the case that Democrats shut down the government even though they knew Obamacare wasn't ready?

Guess they'd rather celebrate Democrats' failure than start working towards success in 2014.