Friday, November 2, 2007

Reuters Fark

Reuters reports that President Bush has vetoed a "popular water projects bill."
Bush had long threatened to veto the $23 billion bill, targeted for projects including coastal restoration in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and improving the Florida Everglades, saying it was too expensive because it had unneeded projects supported by individual lawmakers.
There are two things that stand out about the Reuters report. First, the author doesn't mention the bill's designation. How am I supposed to participate in the republic if I don't know what bill I'm talking about? How would I reference the legislation if I wanted to write my congressional representatives about it? I can search Thomas Online, but it'd be much easier if I had the official name or the bill number.

Second, note this para...
Democrats said they would try to override the president's veto as early as next week.
Why "Democrats"? The story goes on to note that the bill passed with overwhelming bipartisan support: 81-12 in the Senate, 381-40 in the House. Wouldn't it be more accurate to say "Congressional leaders" or even "Democratic leaders"?

I happen to know a bit more about this particular bill thanks to Instapundit and Ed Morissey. I note that the Reuters article fails to mention the added $8-9 billion in the final bill. I note also that the article focuses entirely on political analysis rather than substance.