Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Couldn't Happen to a Better Guy

Senate strips Sen. Specter of committee seniority.

Wonder what this does to his election prospects.

Update: John Hinderaker says and asks the same thing, only better and earlier.

More: WaPo reports Specter could recover his seniority next year after midterm elections, but there are no guarantees, and Specter's office isn't responding to questions.

I predict Specter will still win reelection. He's a master survivor, he'll find some way to spin the controversy. He'll be a model Democrat and will continue to send the bacon home to PA.

And Senate Majority Leader Reid comes out the clear winner: he's got a filibuster-proof majority and a former Republican as an indentured servant. Will Pennsylvanians really accept that? I wouldn't, but conclusive medical tests have proven I'm weird that way.