Monday, August 11, 2008

Obama: the Democrats' Bush

Glenn Thrush outlines seven worrisome signs for the Obama campaign. More interesting to me is this quote from Quinnipiac University pollster Peter Brown:
This election is about Barack Obama — not John McCain — it's about whether Barack Obama passes muster. Every poll shows that people want a Democratic president, the problem is they’re not sure they want Barack Obama.

This describes exactly how I've felt in the last two elections, only reversed. I knew in 2000 that I didn't want another Democrat, but I also knew I didn't want Bush.

What finally convinced me to pull the lever for a Bush 43 presidency was the people Bush had around him: James Baker, Colin Powell, and Dick Cheney. I think this is a problem for Sen. Obama. Who does he have advising him on foreign policy? I know Madeleine Albright is loosely associated with his campaign, as well as Bill Richardson. But I haven't seen anything that suggests either of those individuals would likely be asked to join the Obama administration.

Who else is there? In my opinion, Sen. Obama needs to spend as much time selecting his foreign policy staff as he does selecting a vice president. I guess we'll find out soon enough where he stands.