Monday, August 11, 2008

All for One?

Sen. Obama's association with Rev. Jeremiah Wright is a problem. And I don't believe it's just political. It demonstrates a core problem with Obama as a prospective President: he tolerated Wright's agenda and rhetoric until Wright questioned his credibility. Then Obama severed ties.

Given all that, this piece from RealClearPolitics' Steve Mitchell is, in my opinion, a tenuous stretch. Mitchell writes on the subject of embattled Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who has been charged with perjury and assault(!). Mitchell opines...
Although Kilpatrick has distanced himself from Obama and Obama has distanced himself from Kilpatrick, they are both inextricably linked to Rev. Jeremiah Wright. And, that is Obama's problem.

Nowhere in the article does Mitchell tie Kilpatrick directly to Obama. The only connection routes through Wright, whom Kilpatrick introduced at the Detroit NAACP meeting. Whatever I might think of the Obama/Wright association, linking Obama with Kilpatrick strikes me as entirely unfair. It would be like linking McCain with Ted Stevens or Tom Daschle, just because they all know James Dobson.

Update: Glenn Thrush of Politico also makes the point that Kwame Kilpatrick can damage Obama in Michigan, because he's "an Obama supporter." Meh.