Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Coolness and Inexperience

Richard Cohen of WaPo wants to know why Sen. Obama doesn't attack Gov. Palin's inexperience head-on:

[Everyone knows] McCain picked someone so unqualified she has been hiding from the media because a question to her is like kryptonite to what's-his-name. But did Obama say anything like that? Here are his exact words: "Well, you know, I'll let you ask John McCain when he's on ABC." Boy, Palin will never get over that.

Personally I think Sen. Obama is smart. He knows he doesn't have any more significant experience than Gov. Palin. If he got too aggressive with these attacks, he'd be exposed to the exact same type of attacks from Sen. McCain. Those attacks haven't stuck until now, largely due to Sen. Obama's charisma. But once he gets aggressive, the charisma doesn't work as well.

Here's what I don't get: Sen. Obama can see his weakness, why can't his supporters?
(h/t RCP)